Friday, April 29, 2011

Alcohol and Nail Guns

The following is a true account and another great example of how one can so easily, become a victim of one’s own stupidity.

A 33-year-old bricklayer in Victoria Australia, known for being safety minded (believe it or not) used a nail gun to install some wall panelling. Upon completion, (as one does in Australia) he turned off the compressor, removed the nail cartridge and downed a few beers with his mates.

Joking about construction accidents involving nail guns, he for dramatic effect, pointed the nail gun at his head and pulled the trigger. Initially he thought that a remaining charge of compressed air had caused the firing pin to glance off his noggin, when he had in fact fired a 3.2cm long nail straight into his skull.

Upon arrival at hospital wanting to remove it himself, he requested the nurses bring him a pair of pliers.

It took a neurosurgeon and a team of specialists four hours to complete the procedure. "Luckily for him it lodged in the motor area of the brain and not more critical areas," said the doctor. If the nail had been a centimetre deeper, he would likely have suffered permanent brain damage, or paralysis.

Reference: Darwin Awards

Ernest Roper


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