Wednesday, June 22, 2011

South Coast Community Project 2011

Image: South Coast Community Project 2010

At our AGM held on 12 May 2011 at the Port Shepstone Country Club our past Chairman, Ray Basson, informed Members that the Lorain School in extension 3 in Margate would be our 2011 Community Project. This Project as said would have been undertaken in five or more phases depending on the sponsors and donations, but also was subject to a few very important matters to be concluded by the Municipality namely:
  • To donate the land
  • To rezone the land for a school
  • To register the property into a Trust.
With prominent key figures in the Municipality, who were part of the above negotiations, losing their positions in the Municipal Council after the last elections, this caused the Project to be delayed considerably. The committee reconsidered the Community Project for 2011 and decided to put the above Project on hold until all the above objectives had been realized.

The committee subsequently decided to take on Rehoboth Children’s Village to build a Store Room/Food Distribution Building desperately needed in the Village to distribute food between the houses. Negotiations with the management of the Village have been concluded and we are awaiting the building plans from the architects.

A breakfast meeting will be convened shortly with all members to discuss the details and the implementation time frames of the Project.

Hans Stols
South coast Regional Manager


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