Friday, July 29, 2011

Longspan Gutters - Proudly South African Homegrown Awards Candidate

Fellow member of the Association Longspan Gutters has been entered into the 2011 Proudly South African Homegrown Awards.

Part of the adjudication process is to have customers, friends, family, colleagues and you, vote for them on the PSA website or on Facebook. The number of votes they get count towards 45% of their score in each respective category, which makes it very important that they get as many people to vote for them as possible.

To limit repetitive voting, the process tracks email addresses, so make sure that you cast one vote per category they are entered into, per email address you have.

They are entered into two categories namely:
  • Service of the year – SMME
  • Best Proudly SA Company over the past 10 years – SMME
To cast your vote / votes please do one of the following:

1. To vote on Facebook click on the following link:
  • You will need to “like” the Proudly South African Page, if you have not done so before
  • You then click on “VOTE” and follow the 7 quick and easy steps mentioned
  • You will need to cast your vote twice, once for each category we have entered
2. To vote via the PSA website click on the following link:
  • Click on “VOTE” and follow the 7 quick and easy steps mentioned
  • You will need to cast your vote twice, once for each category we have entered
The closing date for voting is 15 August 2011

Remember: The number of votes they get will determine whether they become a finalist or not, so please, let’s assist our colleague.

Ernest Roper
Regional Manager Durban


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Get The Most From Your Newsletter

We currently have just over 3000 subscribers to our biweekly newsletter and the numbers continue to grow. If you do not receive our newsletter and would like to, you can do so by visiting our website and completing the subscribe tab, which you will find down the left hand column of our homepage.

When the newsletter appears in your inbox, it will look a bit of a shambles with blocks all over the show saying "right click here to download pictures". The reason for it is that downloading images uses bandwidth and bandwidth costs money. The service provider Constant Contact has structured it so that you the reader, have the means with which to choose. While the newsletter can be read without the images, it simply isn’t the same.

My recommendation for reading it:

When it arrives, at the top of the mail it will say “Having trouble viewing this email? Click here”. My recommendation is to always use this facility to view it. The reason being that it takes you directly to the online version which allows you to view it with images, without have to download them. It saves you on bandwidth while still enabling you to get the full perspective.

Ernest Roper
Regional Manager Durban


Monday, July 25, 2011

Durban Rape Centre - Now Open

Jes Foorde's / Netcare Rape Centre opened last week. As she said in her speech – her dream was to have a house, but now she has a whole hospital!!! During her speech whilst saying all her 'thank you's' to all the sponsors, she said the people she wanted to thank the most, were the ones who said she would never do this, she would never get it right – as she says, it's because of those who didn't believe in her, that she was even more determined to make it happen, and she certainly did!!!

The Rape Centre is situated in the Trauma Unit of St Augustine's hospital, and is open 24/7/365 – to private and non-medical aid patients. If somebody has been raped, they must go straight to the trauma unit, and they will arrange everything from there – they will call out the district surgeon, the police, the counsellors, give ARVs (and for patients not on medical aid, Netcare will sponsor the ARVs!!!) This is their pilot project, and if it works, Netcare will open a centre in each of their hospitals throughout the country – how awesome is that!!!!

Please can we spread this good news to all ladies, we need to get the word out there, that if ANYBODY is raped – they must go to this unit.

Please also tell any ladies that you employ.

Source: Forwarded to the Association via email.

Ernest Roper
Regional Manager Durban


Friday, July 22, 2011

The Roofer Who Flew

Careflight Air Ambulance

The following article is a true account based on a story a doctor in the USA submitted to the infamous Darwin Awards website, involving a not too bright roofer he treated in his second year of residency.

The 35-year-old was admitted to the hospital upon falling from a roof, this apparently after having ignored his boss’s instruction to wear a safety harness. Nonetheless, he fell from the roof, fracturing his pelvis, his right femur, and his left tibia. The patient underwent surgery and was discharged from the hospital after completing a postoperative course but would be confined to a wheelchair for a period of recovery.

Nine hours later he arrived back by Careflight (air ambulance), looking far worse than he had before. He had torn the external fixator from one side of his pelvis, fractured his femur below the rod that had been used to fix it the first time, and fractured his tibia above the rod used to fix that, as well. This time around there was no roof involved.

It turned out that he and his brother-in-law decided to go bar hopping to celebrate his recovery. Since he was stuck in a wheelchair, they figured the best way to get him from bar to bar was to duct tape his wheelchair to the load box of the van, with him seated in it. In the early stages while still reasonably sober, the plan seemed to work before it went badly wrong.

Bearing in mind that they had not thought to duct-tape the roofer to his wheelchair, only the chair to the vehicle, when taking a corner, he was thrown from it at high speed.

Amazingly the patient was repaired, and recovered fully.

“I don't know if he ties himself off when roofing these days, but he hasn't been back to my hospital. I'm not sure how long he'll remain in the gene pool though, and he certainly deserves “At-Risk Survivor” status.”

Reference: Darwin Awards

Ernest Roper

Thursday, July 21, 2011

“Time is of the Essence ", When "Urgent” Isn`t

Our industry is characterised by the quest for effective performance at given times and a great deal of emphasis is placed on the phrase, "time is of the essence". Participants in the sector will often receive request (or even demands of what can be portrayed as an urgent request), recipients then frequently burst into a cold sweat, dropping everything and going into a scramble mode, which might not be the best response.

Next time you get that email with the red exclamation point or the voicemail at 22:00, try these three tips:
  1. Do not assume urgent means right now (or even like yesterday as some would have it). Communicate with the other party about what it is they want to accomplish, and when it is really needed. Their interpretation of “immediately" may be different from yours.
  2. Respond, but do not necessarily act. Sometimes a customer or boss wants you to commit right away to a plan of action, but does not want more than that in the short term. Explain what you will do and your timeline, to be sure that it meets their needs.
  3. Be prepared to say no. Discern between a true crises and a cry of wolf. Even if your customer or boss thinks they need it right now, it may be best to decline. It always helps to keep your tone polite and diplomatic at all times.
Adapted from The Right Response Is Not Always Instant by Ron Ashkenas

Pieter Rautenbach


Friday, July 1, 2011

Supplier to the Industry - Join Now

If you are a supplier to the Building industry, you too can become a member of the Association. We have a category of membership we call Associate membership, offering the following benefits:
  • Directory Listing and one page web template on the Find-a-Supplier module of
  • Brochure Display (DL Flyer) and Management service in the new Interactive Centre at our head office in Westville
  • Basic Listing in our hard copy Membership Directory
  • Access to a range of additional cost-effective advertising channels (online and offline) to get your business/product/service even more exposure
  • Display the Master Builders 'Supplier' logo on vehicles, signage, corporate signage and your website
  • Access to Industry News and Information (Web - Blog - Forum - Newsletter)
  • Access to Networking Events
  • Access to our Tender information service
  • Subscription to SA Builder (monthly publication)
For more information on becoming an Associate member, contact Tanya Leeuw on 031 266 7070.

Ernest Roper