Monday, July 25, 2011

Durban Rape Centre - Now Open

Jes Foorde's / Netcare Rape Centre opened last week. As she said in her speech – her dream was to have a house, but now she has a whole hospital!!! During her speech whilst saying all her 'thank you's' to all the sponsors, she said the people she wanted to thank the most, were the ones who said she would never do this, she would never get it right – as she says, it's because of those who didn't believe in her, that she was even more determined to make it happen, and she certainly did!!!

The Rape Centre is situated in the Trauma Unit of St Augustine's hospital, and is open 24/7/365 – to private and non-medical aid patients. If somebody has been raped, they must go straight to the trauma unit, and they will arrange everything from there – they will call out the district surgeon, the police, the counsellors, give ARVs (and for patients not on medical aid, Netcare will sponsor the ARVs!!!) This is their pilot project, and if it works, Netcare will open a centre in each of their hospitals throughout the country – how awesome is that!!!!

Please can we spread this good news to all ladies, we need to get the word out there, that if ANYBODY is raped – they must go to this unit.

Please also tell any ladies that you employ.

Source: Forwarded to the Association via email.

Ernest Roper
Regional Manager Durban


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