Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Safe-Build DVD Making A Difference

A couple of days ago a gentleman came in off the street to purchase a JBCC contract. I just happen to be in our retail centre and ended up processing the sale.

While serving him, he noticed the Safe-Build DVD rack and felt compelled to tell me what an excellent product it is. As it turned out he had purchased a copy from us previously and had astutely been using it to promote safety awareness on site.

Having had a hand in the production process (albeit a small one) I know how much work went into it and was extremely excited to hear his feedback. He made two notable comments, one being that he used to find the OHS Act intimidating and that having what he termed a visual aid, has proven invaluable. The other was praise for the language options; he stressed that being able to convey the safety message to his team, in their home language, has made a huge difference with respect to buy-in.

For us it is enormously rewarding to get this sort of feedback.

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Ernest Roper
Durban Regional Manager


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