Friday, September 16, 2011

The Lighter Side of Twitter Part 3

As we already know, on twitter everybody is a comedic social commentator. Once again, we bring you some of the more notable examples of this and ask that you keep in mind, that the views expressed are not the views of the Association.

(To Helen Zille) So if a voter isn't on twitter how do they deal with power outages? Can they send you a please call me?

You either wear a beret in the John Wayne style or the Monica Lewinsky style. JuJu seems to favour the Lewinsky look. Odd that.

Why doesn't the Dalai Lama just slip through the hole in the border fence with Zimbabwe like everyone else?....would save a lot of trouble.

Apparently somebody was hit by Gautrain last week which caused some delays - police say a man has been tracked down.

Today could be 9/11 for Zuma and Malema - but who is the Tower and who is the Plane?

I so enjoyed the Constitution Court reality TV show: "So you think you can judge?" How about "Who wants to be a democrat" live on primetime?

With all the rioting and stealing that took place throughout England, were any bookshops looted? Just asking....

Simon Cowell’s girlfriend has moved out of his house. I bet he’s glad to have all that closet space back.

Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Ok…’We have your oil tanker and its captain, give us 5 million $’.

Mapquest is such a dramatic name. “Tell me, O Map Quest, how I doth get to the doughnut shop near Reggie’s house?”

Just taught my kids about taxes by eating 38% of their ice cream.

David Walliams Thames Swim has raised over a million pounds. Please keep giving whatever you can financially & any Immodium you have spare.

8th September 1966. Star Trek premieres on US TV. Hard to believe that show has been entertaining virgins for over forty years.

I'm speculating about Madonna's intentions and her new, young boyfriend...marriage or adoption?

Steve Jobs announces in addition to Samsung, his company is suing New York for calling themselves The Big Apple.

Since his hair transplant Wayne Rooney admits he’s spent more time looking in the mirror. He's named the funny monkey he sees there Bubbles.

Ernest Roper

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