Friday, October 14, 2011

The Foul Smelling Smoker

Once again, we look no further than ‘Darwin Awards’ to source intel for our biweekly post relating to bizarre industry mishaps. This time it involves a smoker, his boss, a plumbing supply store, a blocked loo and a septic holding tank.

Keeping in mind that the articles featured on are reportedly true, this particular incident occurred in 2000, and didn’t end too well for our two protagonists.

A fellow named Mike who worked for a plumbing supply store, brought to the attention of his boss that the toilets on the premises were blocked up. His boss knowing a thing or two about plumbing, in order to rectify the problem lifted the lid off the holding tank outside and poured a bottle of enzymes in, this to break up the solid wastes.

Mike who had been looking on, took the opportunity to light up a smoke and while chatting to his boss, disposed of the butt by flicking it into the open tank.

The moment the smouldering butt landed in the septic tank, the gases inside ignited and blew the vent pipe 30 feet up. The tank exploded skyward, covering the two men from head to toe with its somewhat foul content.

If that’s not bad enough. ....

The toilets on the inside also exploded with excrement spewing liquid, shattering them in the process.

Ernest Roper
Durban Regional Manager


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