Friday, October 7, 2011

"Today we are saying, enough is enough, no more deaths"

Never a dull moment working for the Association, as our colleague in Zululand Paula Leah, recently discovered. The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) embarked upon a march in protest of deaths and injuries occurring in the workplace which culminated in them handing over a letter to the Association demanding action.

I highly recommend that every industry stakeholder read this memorandum, and takes cognisance of the message communicated.

The grievance is addressed to the Mining Houses, Department of Mineral Resources, Department of Labour as well as the Construction Industry, they also make it clear that they expect a response within seven days. The strap line reads "Today we are saying, enough is enough, no more deaths".

When we first announced our mandatory safety compliance check as a prerequisite to acquiring full membership status, it was met with resistance from certain quarters. Two years after making the announcement, there are still those who feel we are overstepping our bounds.

Rather than to tick a political box, our motivation for being strong on Occupational Health and safety has always been to ensure the wellbeing of everybody operating within the industry, nonetheless, it does inadvertently serve such an end. In circumstances such as these, when the question are asked it is vitally important not to be found wanting.

To view our response to NUM, click here.

Ernest Roper
Durban Regional Manager


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