Friday, November 18, 2011

The New Eco-Eye Smart

Those who are familiar with our retail outlet at 40 Essex Terrace Westville, will perhaps also be familiar with our Eco-Eye product, an energy usage monitor manufactured in Britain for which we have the exclusive South African rights.

Eco-Eye is a wireless system that provides real time information on the amount of electricity you are using in terms of kilowatts, cost and your carbon footprint. This means you can instantly see the benefits of turning off electrical devices. Switch off the lights and unplug appliances and Eco-Eye will show you the immediate CASH SAVING impact of changing your electricity usage behaviour.

We are pleased to announce that the next generation Eco-Eye, Eco-Eye Smart, is now available and offers some impressive new features.

Smart allows you to set your own daily usage target – your attention is immediately grabbed by the on-board instantaneous traffic light load indicator which alerts you to excessive usage and the Daily Usage Target Graph which makes it easy to see if you are under or over your target. You can up your energy watching game to an even more advanced level by connecting to a computer with the optional Memory Card and USB cable or you can buy a complete Smart PC kit.

For more information visit us at 40 Essex Terrace or go to our Online Shop, where you are able to purchase it, without leaving home.

Ernest Roper
Regional Manager Durban


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