Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Protect Against Spam

I recently uploaded an article to for our training manager Victor Smith in which he requested that interested parties contact him via email. We gave his email address as victors(at) and shortly thereafter had somebody inform us that the email address we had provided was incorrect.

With regard to the ‘(at)’, it has become the accepted norm when placing an email address on the internet to replace the ‘@’ with the word ‘at’ in brackets. The reason is to prevent spam.

There are malicious web programs commonly known as internet spiders that search the web scanning for email addresses and when they find them, they automatically send out unsolicited data. Users are generally aware that when mailing, the ‘(at’) has to be replaced with ‘@’, however if one has to be realistic about it, there are probably masses of people who have never come across this before, hence the need for this post.

Something else to keep in mind ....

Unless you have a need for cheap Viagra and really don’t mind hearing about it ten times a day, it is unwise to place an email address in its proper format online. If you absolutely have to, replacing the ‘@’ with an (at) is a far safer way of going about it.

Ernest Roper
Durban Regional Manager



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