Monday, November 28, 2011

Treasure The Karoo Action Group

Whilst promoting our new Eco-Eye product at the Green Expo in Cape Town last week, “Treasure The Karoo Action Group”, was among the many interesting fellow exhibitors we got to meet. As part of their awareness campaign and also to raise funds, they sell t-shirts which very cleverly depicts their stance.

The t-shirt front displays Zapiro’s excellent cartoon relating to fracking and on the back there is a short paragraph that very succinctly sums up the potential danger of it.

"Hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) V.: Method used to release methane gas from shale rock deep underground. Each frack involves injecting millions of litres of water mixed with sand and toxic chemicals at high pressure, with over a thousand large trucks to assist. Several oil and gas companies, including Royal Dutch Shell, have applied to frack over two hundred thousand square kilometres of ecologically fragile, water scarce Karoo. This will ultimately result in thousands of gas rigs pumping billions of litres of toxic water into our farmlands, which can poison underground aquifers and boreholes polluting our environment with devastating long term effects.

We will be affected! Water is life.

It is up to stop this from becoming a reality, GET INVOLVED!

Treasure The Karoo Action Group"

Ernest Roper
Durban Regional Manager



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