Monday, January 30, 2012

Some Handy Pointers

In order to allow us to upload their information to, when visiting members I encourage them to provide us with a company profile. To give them some additional exposure, I also try to persuade them to supply us with newsworthy articles to upload to

A common response I get, particularly from the smaller contractors who don’t have much in terms of admin staff for help, is that they struggle with the writing aspect. Listed below are some handy pointers:
  • Write about what you know, keep subject matter pertinent to your area of expertise.
  • Where possible do not be repetitive. Do not to repeat yourself. Try not to say things over and over again in a different way, say things only once.
  • Write Short Paragraphs, they are easier to read and assist in keeping the reader's attention.
  • Try as best as possible to grab the reader's attention and interest with the headline and first paragraph.
  • After the first paragraph, start writing the rest of the points from most important to least. This will keep the readers interest.
  • Include Bullets and Numbers, they catch the reader's eye and encourage them to pay more attention. However, the entire article should not just be a list of bullet points or an attachment.
Ernest Roper
Regional Manager Durban.


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