Monday, February 20, 2012

Adhere To The Rules

Umhlanga Rocks Bridge - As per Google Maps

Staying with the theme of taking accountability for one’s own actions, some years ago I sadly witnessed a pedestrian say goodbye to this life, following an act of sheer idiocy on his part.

I was driving along the M4 heading towards Umdloti when I noticed the car in front of me go veering off the road. It took me a second to process that a pedestrian had been hit, resulting in the offending vehicle ending up on the embankment below the Umhlanga Rocks Bridge.

The only way the victim could have got there, was by walking down from above. Why on earth he attempted to cross the busy road beneath when he could have used the bridge above, will always plague me.

Roads, not unlike construction sites are inherently dangerous and therefore require a strict set of rules to keep users safe. While both are strictly monitored, those doing the policing can’t be expected to be everywhere all the time. The only way to ensure one's safety is to take accountability for it and the best way to do that, is by adhering to the rules.

Ernest Roper
Regional Manager Durban


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