Monday, March 26, 2012

The Dangers of Copying & Pasting

I recently came across an excellent online piece penned by Julian Duc of Ismart on the subject of search engines penalising web users for not producing original content.

His opening two sentences are:

“Copying content from a website and pasting it onto yours is one of the quickest ways to be penalised by search engines. Duplicating content is a quick and easy way to get your website up and running but is strongly discouraged by most (if not all) search engines experts”.

For those who don’t know what a search engine is, the one you are most likely using is Google and the way in which they penalise you, is to place your plagiarised content way down the list.

For example, if you are a builder in the Durban area and you have a website containing largely information that you have copied and pasted from websites belong to other contractors, when somebody does a search for ‘Builder Durban’ you have more chance of winning the Lotto, than you do of appearing on page 1. If the list consists of 40 pages, you may well appear on page 40.

Search Engine Optimisation is quite a complex business in that the use of original content has to form part of a greater plan; it is just one of several practices required, in order to achieve a website that is truly well optimised.

If your objective is to have a website that prospective clients find without you having first communicated your web address to them and you’re not prepared to produce original content, my advice to you is don’t waste your time.

The other danger of course is that you may one day receive a nasty letter from a lawyer with the words copyright infringement on it.

Read Julian’s Article

Ernest Roper
Regional Manager Durban


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