Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Value For Money

Yesterday afternoon I met with a gentleman who does solar installations who expressed interest in becoming a member. He made it known that what he wanted to accomplish, was to gain exposure among our members in order to get their business. He asked if I could guarantee, that membership would lead to more revenue.

Naturally I replied no, we absolutely can’t guarantee that membership alone would lead to more revenue, we can however guarantee a great platform for exposure, it is then up to the individual member to make the most of it.

I explained that we provide excellent networking opportunities which include the Excellence in Construction Awards dinner, golf days, general meetings as well as safety forum meetings. I also gave details of the standing invitation to members, to gain free exposure via our newsfeed on

A demonstration of the module then followed at which point I mentioned that quality work leads to testimonials and referrals. I explained that the act of joining the Association is a declaration of integrity, which is why fellow contractors as well as members of the public, seek out service providers who belong to the Association. It is up to the individual members to deliver on that promise and if they don’t, there is a disciplinary process that will follow.

Ultimately, I think what sold him on it was the value for money aspect. He was very quick to realise that for the cost of one advertisement in his local weekly paper, he could have all of the above, all year round, and aimed directly at his target market. When I then began to go through the rest of the add value services which we provide, he wanted to know what the catch was.

Ernest Roper
Durban Regional Manager


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