Monday, April 23, 2012

Bizarre Construction Related Mishap

There are numerous accounts of bizarre construction related mishaps and in most cases they entail somebody who did something immensely stupid. One such incident occurred on a construction site in Cleveland USA in the 1930’s and while construction methodology may have since evolved; it is clear that stupidity as a major cause of preventable fatalities is nothing new.

It began with a worker positioned high up on a structure needing to lower a 300-pound block that was suspended above him.  In order to bring the block to his level, it needed to be lowered using the cable attached. It normally took two men to control the block to prevent it from landing too hard on the metal girder. He figured it would save time if he just cut the rope and let the block fall 40 feet, so he did ....

The block crashed through the level he was on and instantly killed a colleague on the level below. He franticly leaned over to check on his colleague and in doing so, lost his balance and fell 40 feet to his death.

At the time, local paper the ‘Cleveland Plain Dealer’ gave an astonishing account of how the two men had paid the ultimate price.  It reported that when emergency services arrived on the scene, they encountered a concrete block with a dead guy underneath, and a dead guy on top.

Ernest Roper
Regional Manager Durban


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laserprocess said...

A lot of the time when an accident occurs, its usually down to someone doing something silly and irresponsible. This is confirmed by this blog post.