Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Feel Free to Provide us with Feedback

Feedback from members of our Association as well as from members of the public is always greatly appreciated as it goes a long way towards helping us gauge whether or not we are delivering on our mandate.  We have had some very encouraging testimonials coming through relating to various departments and services the Association provides.  The following example relates to our Safe-Build DVD product.

"I had purchased 2 copies of the Safe-Build DVD’s at NOSHCON. I was sceptical at first as having being involved in SHE for the past 23 years I am very well aware of all the substandard safety products out there. Firstly the price was very low for the 20 topic DVD set which added to my scepticism. However, after watching the DVDs I was pleasantly surprised. All topics are covered comprehensively. The essential safety messages are clearly and succulently provided. The real value for my organization in these DVD’s is the language change options. To date I have not seen a safety communication product of such high quality that is so reasonably priced.  In my professional opinion the DVD’s are of an excellent standard and would be an investment for any Company that is serious about safety and values it’s greatest assets i.e. its people.  Dr Shaun Ramroop"

While it’s always great to receive compliments, it is extremely important that we hear the bad news as well. The only way to really improve service levels is to determine what members/clients are unhappy with and to then be proactive in making whatever changes are necessary.

Please feel free to provide us with feedback, good or bad, we need to hear it.

Ernest Roper
Durban Regional Manager


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