Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We Are Here To Help !

I was in Zululand the other day where I took part in a process I derived great pleasure from.

We have our module and hence encourage full members of the Association to submit their company profile for us to upload. The company profile it seems is somewhat of an obstacle for many of our Zulu speaking contractors who albeit that they do speak varying degrees of English, they understandably find the writing of it extremely challenging.

We had a meeting with a Zulu speaking contractor at our Empangeni office earlier in the week who was wanting to get his page up and required some assistance. The way we went about it worked exceedingly well and we therefore would like extend the invitation to others who may be in need of the same service.

Brenda of our Zululand office is fluent in both English and Zulu and was more than happy to do some translating for us. I did the writing while interviewing the member and where it proved necessary, Brenda cleared up the misinterpretations. The end product was a company profile in English, which everybody was happy with.  

The message to our Zulu speaking contractors is that if you have a need to follow the same process, the invitation is there, contact me and we will schedule an appointment.

Ernest Roper
Regional Manager Durban


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