Monday, August 6, 2012

There Is One Born Every Day.

Some years ago, a 66-year-old resident of Margraten in the Netherlands had been experiencing theft of goods stored in his garden shed. He decided one day that enough was enough and that some sort of action needed to be taken.

In his wisdom, he decided that the best way to protect his shed against burglars was to construct a booby trap. The brilliant plan he came up with consisted of a mounted shotgun aimed at the shed door, with a trip rope thread through the trigger mechanism.

Proud of his ingenuity, he felt the need to demonstrate his ingenious contraption to his two mates and while walking around the shed explaining it, he made contact with the rope and duly shot himself in the abdomen and lower arm.

Fortunately for our protagonist, an emergency operation prevented him from meeting his maker somewhat prematurely. Police searched his home, and confiscated firearms and ammo, along with 15 full-grown marijuana plants that perhaps helped him formulate this painful lesson in safety, but what lesson do you suppose he learn't from this.

A. Don’t do drugs.
B. Don’t play with guns.
C. Don’t do drugs and play with guns at the same time.
D. Don’t share your brilliant ideas with your friends.

Let’s face it, without idiots the world would be a dull place. Fortunately for us, there is one born every day.


Ernest Roper
Durban Region Manager


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