Monday, September 3, 2012

Tips for Renewal of Drivers License

I had this sudden realisation over the weekend that while I had blinked, 5 years had flown by and my driver’s license was about to expire, it was in fact due to expire on Wednesday. With this in mind I made sure I was at the Department of Motor Vehicles bright and early this morning and I have say, the experience was surprisingly painless.

Based on how it went at the Pinetown branch, here are some handy tips for renewing your drivers’ license:

Get there early, I got there at around 7h30am. There was a queue at the entrance, however when the doors opened at 7h45, it moved quickly and once in, it was apparent that most of those who were queuing were there for reasons other than license renewal.  

At Pinetown, the licence renewal section is upstairs, at the entrance at the top of the stairs, you need to collect a DL1 green form, once you have it, fill in sections A, B and D. Taking a pen with you will make life easier.

You have to then queue to have your eye test done, you can complete the DL1 green form while waiting in that line.

You need to have your green ID book and your existing driver’s license with you. You DO NOT need to take photographs, it is all digitised and a photo is taken upon completion of the eye test.

Once concluded, all that is left is to go to the cashier and pay. The price in KwaZulu-Natal is R250.00, I believe it varies from Province to Province.

The cashier will give you a notice to say that you have successfully renewed your licence. When this form is presented with your old drivers licence, the old license is still valid for 3 months. They make it known that your new one will take around 6 weeks.

If you renew after your license has expired, you have to get a temporary license which costs extra.

The entire process took about half an hour, I was done by 8h15 and the people at Pinetown on the day were friendly, efficient and helpful. It really wasn't the mission I thought it was going to be.

Ernest Roper | Durban Regional Manager


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Flippin Frustrated said...

All well and good but try phoning to find out if your new license is ready yet!
The phone rings and rings until it rings off. Then you redial and you get an engaged busy tone. So what are they doing - making outgoing calls and not answering incoming calls?? Or taking the phone off the hook because they could not give a damn?! I suspect the latter. I've been trying for 3 days now and no answer - calling the number that they gave me to call to check if the new license is ready. If they don't want to answer the phone, then why not send out slips in the mail? Another example of another Government department letting us down!