Monday, October 29, 2012

29° South - 2012 Supreme Winner

In earlier post, I mentioned that the projects entered into the 2012 Excellence in Construction Awards do indicate a shift towards green building. This year’s Supreme Winner which went to Ilembe Building WBHO & Group Five JV for 29° South, is a standout example of green innovation.

Its structure consists of a concrete frame with a brick envelope with an atrium design to reduce the carbon footprint with a minimum perimeter area.  The building has a relatively narrow floor plate of 12,5m which maximizes daylight from both sides of the building, with a high percentage of glass on the external envelope.

The material used for the construction consisted of recycled steel and concrete with reduced cement content.  A reduction in the total voc (Volatile Organic Compounds) was possible with the use of non pvc products and the paint specs were from the evolution range of Plascon.  The external coatings to the walls were Comet coatings which has recycled glass aggregate.  With the emphasis on being a green building a lot of time was given to the energy design of the building to enable a 45% energy saving as compared to another conventional building.  Regenerative lifts were installed together with an efficient HVAC system and lighting as motion sensors.

The highlight of the building is the green roof which is designed as an active park to ensure a minimum of 30% landscape coverage on the site.

A unique feature of the building is the recycled water system where rainwater is harvested and stored in the basement for irrigation purposes as well as  being pumped up to the roof to be used for the ablution facilities.  Surplus run off is further stored in retention ponds around the building.

The building boasts a fully advanced BMS system that is key to ongoing monitoring and the responsible operation of all sustainable buildings.

Ernest Roper
Membership Services Manager


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