Wednesday, November 28, 2012

About Turn - Changes to BBBEE Codes

Of the proposed changes to the BBBEE codes, Statement 500 of gazette number 35754 pertaining socio-economic development spend, received a lot of media attention.  Were it to be promulgated, it would have meant that business would only score points for donating to100% Black owned charities.

This was of major concern as there are numerous charities that do exceptionally good work that aren’t necessarily 100 %black owned, and rely on corporate support.  Government it seems have done an about turn on this which is fantastic news, as the general feeling is that the country would have been worse off for it.

I know of a particular charity that provides care for abandoned babies of all races and in the event they were to lose their corporate sponsorship, it would spell disaster for them.

What is surprising and possibly unpreseidented is that Statement 500 was withdrawn before the cut off date for public comment. I would surmise that perhaps they had already received so many comments on that particular clause that they decided enough is enough.

...... The people have spoken!

Whatever the reason, thank goodness for it.

DTI Media Statement

Ernest Roper
Membership Services Manager


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