Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mobile Clinic - Road Trip

Starting our trip bright and early in the morning, we were all very calm and relaxed. That didn’t last too long as we realized that the address we were heading to wasn’t to be found by our Garmin GPS device.  So we took out the tablet and searched again, eventually finding Meridian Street we followed the directions as instructed.

It took us to Gateway and made us do a U-Turn back on to the M14, trusting it we followed, which proved a huge mistake.

Supposed to be in Umhlanga, we found ourselves in Mount Edgecombe so we stopped and asked for directions at an Engen garage, nobody could help and after driving around in circles, we eventually came to a dead end!

In the end we arranged to meet the client at Gateway who escorted us to site which as Murphy’s Law would have it, was two minutes away.

When we got there, the parking area had a height restriction of 2.5m! Our trailer could not fit so we had to get the security guard to open up a special gate around back for us.

Thankfully after a horrible start to the day, the medicals all went smoothly and we were soon heading home to Zululand.  At the end of the day, the client was exceedingly pleased which is all that really mattered to us.

Leah Yankasamy
Clinic & Safety Assistant


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