Friday, February 8, 2013

Lack of Common Sense Leads to Loss of Life

The Darwin Awards website, again informs us of a true life incident where lack of common sense resulted in the loss of life. The incident occurred at Amarillo Fairgrounds and involved local contractors who were hired to paint some buildings situated on the premises.

Between the buildings they were working on, there was an angled drainage culvert designed to drain rainwater away from the structures. Because of the slope, the wheeled painter scaffolding tended to roll downhill, so the painters removed the wheels to stabilise it. They were in the process of moving the scaffolding when the metal structure made contact with a transformer which resulted in death by electrocution.

As newsworthy as that incident in itself may seem, it was the events that followed that turned it into a headline story.

The town was abuzz with talk of the tragedy, how it had come to pass and whether the city was liable for damages. The city officials decided they needed to conduct an investigation.

With much fanfare, they arrived at the scene of the incident, prepared to personally recreate the circumstances. Two officials grabbed the scaffolding in the exact same location as the two painters, began to move the scaffolding... and suffered the same fate.


Ernest Roper
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