Friday, May 31, 2013

Our Durban Golf Day

The Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal annual Durban Golf Day is scheduled to take place on Friday 19 July and this year the event will be held at Beachwood Country Club.

Albeit that we haven't yet sent out the invites, people have been making inquiries and we have already confirmed six bookings for it. 

With claim to the coveted Dulux Trophy at stake (see 2012 article), we will no doubt have a full field again this year competing for the honour of holding it up.

We are also pleased to be back at Beachwood as it is one of the top courses in Durban, and they are also exceedingly willing to cater to our requirements.

To avoid disappointment book early by giving Tanya Leeuw a call on 031 266 7070.

Ernest Roper
Membership Services Manager 


Monday, May 20, 2013

What happens in Vegas ....

Highly intelligent people sometimes do astonishingly dumb things, particularly if there is alcohol involved and in extreme cases such as this one, the net result is a bright future never to be realised.

Minutes before midnight on the eve of the millennium, a Stanford graduate climbed to the top of a street light in front of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel in Nevada, and waved to the enthusiastic revellers below. At midnight he slipped and in an effort to break his fall, grabbed the wires that were supplying the electricity to the street light. Suddenly he was conducting more than just the cheering crowd. A camera caught his foolhardy climb and subsequent plunge to the concrete below. Whether he died from electrocution or from the 30-foot fall is unknown, either way, he never got to enjoy his pending wealth.

The young graduate was at the time working at a Silicon Valley start-up company scheduled to go public in the summer. He stood to make a substantial profit with his options, until they were voided by his untimely death.

Evidently, a sterling academic pedigree is no guarantee of common sense.


Ernest Roper
Membership Services Manager


Monday, May 13, 2013

Long Serving Members

The Association was established in 1901 and boasts a proud and interesting history. A lot has occurred over the last 112 years and for those who hold a fascination for what came before, it is worth visiting the "About Us "pages on, where our history is very well documented.

It is interesting to note that of our current membership base, there are those that have been with us a very long time. The list below is of our longest serving members.
  • Massbuild (Pty) Ltd t/s Builders Trade Depot - 1901
  • Smith & Winfield - 1918
  • Fraser & Chalmers S.A Pty Ltd - 1923
  • G. Marnoch & Sons - 1925
  • Otis Pty Ltd - 1930
  • J.T. Ross (Pty) Ltd - 1937
  • Pienaar & Jonson Pty Ltd - 1941
  • Murray & Roberts Construction (Pty) Ltd - 1945
  • Esorfranki Construction - 1947
  • Lionel Madsen Pty Ltd - 1948
  • Haines Construction - 1948
  • Norvo Construction Pty Ltd - 1950
  • Saint-Gobain Construction Products SA (Pty) Ltd - 1951
  • AVENG Grinaker-LTD - 1957
  • Masonite Africa Ltd - 1958
Ernest Roper
membership Services Manager

Friday, May 3, 2013

The Nail Grave

It would appear that in China the strategy to overcome people who refuse to sell property that is required for development purposes is to simply bully them into submission. It does however seem that a small group of people have emerged who are literally standing their ground and in spite of bizarre and noisy happenings going on around them, they remain strong-willed.

These property owners are known as "Nail Householders" referring to a stubborn nail that is difficult to remove from old wood. Rather than allowing this to stand in the way of progress, full blown construction surrounds these properties and they are literally left with a house, on a mound, in the centre of a construction site.

Visually speaking, these nail houses make for a very odd looking spectacle and to further add to the weirdness of it all, in December 2012, reports of a "Nail Grave" began emerging in the media.

The city of Taiyuan is home to more than four million people and is considered one of China's great industrial cities.

Local inhabitants were paid to move the remains of their loved ones from a local cemetery to make way for a development project. One family refused and a sole grave now remains on a mound of earth, 10 meters up in the sky as construction takes place around it.

Asian media outlets reported it to be the latest act of resistance, against land dispossession from Chinese people.

Ernest Roper
Membership Services Manager