Wednesday, July 3, 2013

When Do-it Yourself Gets Totally Out of Hand

If you fully understand how a pesky do-it yourself home improvement job can get totally out of hand and turn your home into the biggest ugliest and tallest wooden monstrosity in all of Russia, your name is probably Nikolai Sutyagin.

Nikolai Sutyagin a resident of Arkhangelsk Russia, was once the proud owner of the world's largest single-family wooden home. What started out as a two storey wooden house, ended up as a 144-foot (43.9-meter) homemade skyscraper, the likes of which had never been seen before. Our intrepid Russian spent 15 years adding layer after layer to the top of his house and eventually, it towered over the neighbourhood and could be seen from far and wide.

While local building code in Arkhangelsk stipulates that no wooden structure can be higher than two floors, Nikolai wasn't to be deterred as he had a cunning plan to thwart authorities. He a built a roof over the second floor and claimed that everything above it was for decorative purposes.  Needless to say, the Russian authorities did not entertain it and in 2008, the city of Arkhangelsk declared the house a fire hazard and had it demolished.

Ernest Roper
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