Monday, August 26, 2013

Talisman Hire at UCI MTB World Championships

Association Member Talisman Hire is to play an important part in the UCI World Mountain Biking Championships taking place at the Cascades Mall Mountain Biking Track in Pietermaritzburg this week. 

Mountain biking professionals from all over the world will be showcasing their skills by launching themselves off the back of a Talisman delivery vehicle, onto the top bar of a JCB 1.2 tonne roller. The cyclists then jump half a metre onto a 2M high scaffolding structure provided by Talisman Hire, specifically designed and built for this event.  

The UCI World Championships is expected to attract crowds exceeding 15 000 and offers must see coverage on SuperSport and SABC. This sponsorship has been a welcomed opportunity for the Franchise Group who opened their Talisman Pietermaritzburg Branch in March of this year and has since introduced JCB 900, 1.2 and 1.6 tonne JCB rollers into their fleet.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

A Tidal Wave of Molasses

Image Source: Wikipedia

Albeit that this happened almost a century ago, it still seems unreal and serves as fantastic example of the potential for enormous disaster, when contractors take short cuts. 
In 1918 a contractor named Aurthur Jell built a molasses storage tank in the North End of Boston. He never bothered to check his tank for leaks leaving the locals to try and plug the many cracks that appeared.

As more leaks appeared, the sight of molasses oozing from the cracks should have served as a warning of the disaster to follow. Perhaps not realising the gravity of it, there answer was to hide the cracks by painting the tank a molasses shade of brown.

January of 1919 was unseasonably warm. As the fermentation process in the tank continued to produce carbon monoxide, the pressure inside continued to build, causing the cracks within the tank to expand. Eventually the rivets shot out of the structure, unleashing a 15-foot tall tidal wave that covered Boston.

The wave travelled through the city at 35 miles an hour, lifting a train off the tracks and crushing buildings in its sweet, sticky fury. The hot air released from the tanks also created a blast wave that reportedly threw vehicles off the road.

The military, police and the Red Cross joined in on the rescue effort, and the final toll would be 21 deaths, countless injuries and 87,000 man hours of the nastiest cleanup outside of an oil tanker spill.

The owners of the tank tried to pin the explosion on anarchists but in the end they were found liable and were forced to pay damages. The tank was never rebuilt, but to this day some Boston residents claim you can still smell the molasses on hot summer days.

Information Source: article By Ben Dennison on

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Be smart with your phone

There are many smartphone users around (including myself), who have moved away from Blackberry in favour of either a Samsung or Apple product. The advantage of having a Blackberry of course was that their BIS/BES packages meant that one didn’t really have to monitor data usage, as bandwidth was unlimited.

The transition to non-Blackberry packages means that one must either monitor data usage or face the possibility of a nasty surprise when the monthly debit order goes off.

Below are some useful tips to help limit your bandwidth usage:
  1. Don’t download/update apps whilst on mobile. Save it for wifi hotspots where it won't affect your bundle.
  2. Don’t use data intensive services like streaming video (youtube) or audio whilst on mobile. Again, save it for wifi hotspots and if you don't have wireless ADSL at home, it may be worth your while getting it.
  3. Make sure (if possible) that when you are in range of a wireless signal you use it – i.e. at work/home/coffee shops with free wifi etc
  4. If you have a Samsung phone, sign up for the 'Always On' 1GB per month free wifi deal – this is a free wifi network to Samsung users and is available in Mugg and Beans, Airports, Hotels etc
Ernest Roper
Membership Services Manager