Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Be smart with your phone

There are many smartphone users around (including myself), who have moved away from Blackberry in favour of either a Samsung or Apple product. The advantage of having a Blackberry of course was that their BIS/BES packages meant that one didn’t really have to monitor data usage, as bandwidth was unlimited.

The transition to non-Blackberry packages means that one must either monitor data usage or face the possibility of a nasty surprise when the monthly debit order goes off.

Below are some useful tips to help limit your bandwidth usage:
  1. Don’t download/update apps whilst on mobile. Save it for wifi hotspots where it won't affect your bundle.
  2. Don’t use data intensive services like streaming video (youtube) or audio whilst on mobile. Again, save it for wifi hotspots and if you don't have wireless ADSL at home, it may be worth your while getting it.
  3. Make sure (if possible) that when you are in range of a wireless signal you use it – i.e. at work/home/coffee shops with free wifi etc
  4. If you have a Samsung phone, sign up for the 'Always On' 1GB per month free wifi deal – this is a free wifi network to Samsung users and is available in Mugg and Beans, Airports, Hotels etc
Ernest Roper
Membership Services Manager


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