Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Going out with a bang

As we head into the silly season, members and readers are urged to keep safe and if you have a tendency to indulge in alcohol, remember to drink responsibly. With this in mind, we bring you a true life account of an incident that took place involving the deadliest of combinations, alcohol, fireworks and two morons out celebrating the coming of the New Year.

According to, on New Year's Eve 2002, a South American gentleman named Antonio and a friend, consumed copious amounts of Pinga before coming up with an idea for their own variation of Russian Roulette. (Pinga is a traditional Brazilian liquor high in alcohol content.)

Their adaptation consisted of placing fireworks in their mouths, lighting the fuses and competing to see who would hold out for longest, before spitting it out. The person who discarded the explosive closest to the point of detonation, was to be declared the victor.

As it turned out Antonio was declared all-time champion of Fireworks Russian Roulette, making his courage and bravery the focus of the eulogy, given at his funeral.

Ernest Roper
Membership Services Manager