Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Jailbird Snitch

A somewhat comical account of a man whose own parrot notified police of his misdeeds, recently appeared in the online media. The story gained traction and even featured on 5FM’s morning drive show, much to the amusement of all who was listening in.

A gentleman by the name of Guillermo Reyes was driving his vehicle in Mexico City when stopped at a routine police checkpoint. The police, while conversing with Mr Reyes, heard a voice inside the vehicle blurt out, “he’s drunk, he’s drunk”.

Police initially suspected that there was another person in the car, what they found instead was the man’s pet parrot dutifully reporting his owner for drunk driving. A sobriety test followed and as it turned out, the parrot was indeed telling the truth.

Police placed Mr Reyes in Mexico City’s drunk tank to sober up and since it was feared that the bird might die if separated from his owner, the parrot accompanied Reyes in the jail cell and one can’t help but speculate, as to what new words he may have learn't that night.

So why did he rat his owner out? Was the driving so bad that jail seemed like the less life threatening alternative or was it a lame attempt to gain street cred by laying claim to jailbird status?  

I believe it was simply a case of “friends don’t let friends drive drunk” so if you are somebody who does, it may help to know that somewhere in Mexico, there is a bird who is smarter than you are.
Ernest Roper
Membership Services Manager


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