Monday, July 7, 2014

The Worst kind of Headache

Perhaps I should begin by stating that this blog article is not for the fainthearted and that viewer discretion is necessary. It tells of an absurdly bizarre incident involving a Californian man named Ron Hunt who in 2003, had an 18-inch drill bit go through his head and lived to tell the tale.

Mr Hunt was at the time balancing on a ladder while operating a massive chip auger drill when the ladder gave way and sent him tumbling to the ground face first. On impact, the drill bit went straight through his eye socket and exited via the back of the skull. It is reported that the stunned man didn't quite realize what had happened, until his wandering hand met the drill bit entering his eye only to realise it exiting the back of his head. Hunt was hurried off hospital were doctors successfully performed surgery to remove it.

Throughout the process, Hunt who was aided by morphine stayed awake and joked about his situation which doctors viewed as positive, since brain activity was still present. Somehow, the drill bit had pushed his brain matter aside so apart from losing an eye, he recovered from the incident.

As it turns out, his medical insurance didn't cover this particular injury which left him owing hundreds of thousands in medical bills and lost wages. People did however sympathise and a medical fund was set up to support him.


Ernest Roper
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