Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Dream Home Turns Into a Nightmare reported earlier in the year that Luke Mahon of Berkshire England had taken to social media to vent frustration at the builder who built his home, who it seems made a real hash of it.

Upon moving into the £580,000 property, the dream home bubble burst when an array of faults which included holes in walls, cracks in plaster as well as peeling tiles was discovered in the newly-built house.

140 Faults would eventually be catalogued including no loft insulation, poorly-fitted kitchen counter, no grass in the garden, off-centre toilet, unfinished floor, faulty bathroom mastic, peeling plaster and paintwork, cracks on toilet floor, gaps in bathroom sealant, wonky doors, Ill-fitting loos and the home itself not being energy efficient as was promised to the buyer.

In addition to advertising these faults in the window of his property as a warning to prospective buyers in the complex, Mahon took to twitter using the account @MyHouseSucks, where he has shared photographs of various sections of his home along with captions explaining what’s wrong with them.

They say a picture tells a thousand tales ......

Judging from the images that featured in the Daily Mail article, it would seem that the homeowner has every right to feel aggrieved. It’s also interesting to note that the twitter thread gained some traction and many other unhappy clients of this particular contractor, responded in support of Mahon’s cause.

Jason Bass a neighbor of Mahon's also reportedly stated: “We haven't found anyone living here who is happy. The site manager told one lady who lives on her own that they are building water-tight properties, not Rolls Royces. But we are paying Rolls Royce prices. It's disgraceful."


Ernest Roper
Membership Services Manager