Monday, September 7, 2015

His Number Was Up

John Boy Hamer, 40, of Talke in Staffordshire, went around knocking on the doors of elderly people claiming they were missing tiles from their roofs. He would then offer his services as a home maintenance service provider to do the repairs, without ever doing them.

Demanding an upfront payment of £580, it was with impunity that he duped these pensioners out of their hard earned savings. Some of his victims were in their 90’s and the manner in which he was eventually arrested, is best described as poetic justice.

After his scams were reported, police had issued an arrest warrant and he was finally caught when an 85-year-old man who he had conned, saw him at the local bingo club.

The pensioner spotted him enjoying a game of bingo and alerted police.

Essentially, he targeted a neighborhood conning the elderly and then chose to play bingo at the local bingo hall, frequented by the elderly. One can only assume that he will not be featuring prominently on the DSTV crime channel show “Criminal Masterminds”. 

Mr. Hamer picked on the vulnerable and the sentence that was handed down to him, reflected the judge’s displeasure with it.

He was jailed for five years.


Ernest Roper
Membership Services Manager