Monday, November 2, 2015

No it Wasn’t a Mirage!

Those of you who read Durban’s daily newspaper “The Mercury” are probably familiar with Graham Linscott’s column “The Idler” which not unlike this blog, likes to look at the lighter side of life, helped by readers who write in and share their humorous misadventures with him.

One fine day in October 2015, the column made reference to the familiar name of Greg Beykirch and told the tale of how oncoming traffic, caused our Financial Director to raise his eyebrow:

Wrong Way

Yesterday’s front page had horror pictures of a minibus taxi driving down the “up” carriage way on Field’s Hill in early morning rain.  How there were no accidents is a wonder. What kind of mentality prompts this?

Greg Beykirch, of Pinetown, had a similar experience in India. He was being driven from Jaipur to Delhi and it was the hottest time of the year. Suddenly there was a mirage. A 20-ton truck came trundling towards them on the wrong side of the highway, travelling in the fast lane.

But it wasn’t a mirage. His driver didn’t bat an eyelid as he respectfully moved over to allow the truck past.

Then another 20-tonner came past, travelling in the wrong direction. The driver explained that they were locals and it was too much hassle for them to cross to the correct carriageway for the direction they were travelling”.

Ernest Roper
Membership Services Manager


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