Monday, December 7, 2015

15 Storeys - Just Six Days

In 2010 a remarkable feat of construction caused locals in the city of Changsha to become disorientated.

A contracting company and crew in the south-central Chinese city broke all construction timeline barriers, by completing a 15-storey hotel in just six days.

This remarkable achievement reportedly caused considerable disorientation, as locals who were away over the period returned home to a somewhat different looking neighbourhood.

The work crew erected the soundproofed, thermal-insulated structure said to be built to withstand a magnitude 9 earthquake with all prefabricated materials. Both off and onsite crews were used to build the different sections and arrange them on the foundation.

The floors and walls of the hotel are reportedly solid, airtight and sound proof, even though the construction materials utilized are much lighter.

The sustainable hotel already had its foundation, but by using pre-fabricated columns and modules as well as modern construction techniques, construction workers only needed 46 hours to finish the main structural components and another 90 hours for the building enclosure.

Despite the frenzied pace of construction, no workers were injured and to top it all off, thanks to the prefabricated nature of the building process, very few construction materials went to waste.

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Ernest Roper
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