Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Six years and nobody noticed ?

Recently retired Spanish civil servant Joaquin Garcia, found himself in hot water when his long-time employer, a state owned water company, decided to honour the state engineer with a commemorative plaque for 20 years of service.

It turned out that he had skipped work for six years, and up to that point nobody had noticed.

Jorge Blas Fernandez, deputy mayor of Cadiz from 1995 to 2015 who had hired Mr Garcia, announced that he was under the impression that the water company had been supervising him.

Mr Fernandez was quoted as saying, "He was still on the payroll. I thought where is this man? Is he still there? Has he retired? Has he died?"

"I asked him: what are you doing? What did you do yesterday and the previous month? He could not answer," said Mr Fernandez who had been told by a former manager of the water board whose office was opposite Mr Garcia's, that he had not seen Garcia in years.

During court proceedings Mr Garcia reportedly told the court that he had in-fact turned up to work, but there was actually no work to be carried out.

He was fined 27,000 Euros.

Ernest Roper
Membership Services Manager