Monday, April 4, 2016

Crime Doesn’t Pay

Cable theft is something that we in South Africa are all too familiar with. It is extremely frustrating when it does occur as it impacts heavily on business, broadband will perhaps go down, electricity may go off, traffic lights sometimes don’t work properly and so it goes on. It is however not unique to South Africa and according to the FBI, copper theft is a critical threat to U.S. infrastructure.  In Arizona, the mummified remains of a man discovered in a Tucson manhole, told its own poignant story.

In May 2014 the manhole was opened to investigate a fluctuation in electrical power. According to records kept by Tucson Electric Power, the manhole had not been opened in the past five years.

The team that entered the underground high-voltage vault was astounded to find the desiccated remains of a man slumped near severed copper wires holding a bolt cutter in his mummified hand.

An autopsy confirmed the obvious conclusion that electrocution was the likely cause of death. The date of death was set at somewhere between one and two years previous to the discovery. The ID of a 51-year-old man was found on the mummy and it later became evident, that nobody had noticed the shock victim was missing.


Ernest Roper
Membership Services Manager