Monday, June 6, 2016

$54 million Awarded for Construction Fatality

February 2016 saw a landmark ruling in Harris County Texas, when a jury awarded approximately $54 million to the family of a construction worker who was fatally injured in 2013, during the renovation of A&M’s Kyle Field, home to the Aggie football (gridiron) team since 1905.

On Dec. 4, 2013 Angel Garcia fell to his death while operating a Caterpillar loader on the fourth floor spiral ramp in the northeast section of the stadium.

He was using the loader's bucket to catch concrete debris being removed from the structure. It was part of the $450-million renovation to expand seating from 82 600 to 102 500. The loader had a 1225kg carrying capacity but was bearing a 1515kg concrete section.

The weight caused the overloaded construction vehicle to topple forward over the side causing Garcia to be thrown four stories down. After landing on a pile of rubble he was rushed to a hospital where he died from injuries sustained.

The lead construction company Manhattan-Vaughn, Lindamood Demolition (Garcia's employer) and Texas Cutting & Coring had been named in the lawsuit.

When the jury returned, the verdict was unanimous.

The jurors determined that Manhattan-Vaughn bore 75 percent of the responsibility while Lindamood Demolition was held 25 percent responsible for the circumstances that led to Garcia's death. According to court documents, the jury concluded that neither Texas Cutting and Coring nor Garcia himself bore any responsibility.


Ernest Roper
Membership Services Manager