Monday, July 4, 2016

Bill Gates and his 70 Billion Dollars

I’ve always wondered why Bill Gates of Microsoft fame does not give away the bulk of his $70 Billion to charity now instead of leaving it in his will when he dies in maybe 20 years time.

I know he and his wife do a lot for charity but still, with millions of people dying of starvation, why does he not give it away now? How does he sleep at night?

And then the penny dropped. Imagine the scene 20 years hence when Bill arrives at the Pearly Gates.

Saint Peter “Bill, why should I let you into Heaven?”

Bill “Well, I gave $70 Billion to charity 20 years ago.”

Saint Peter consulting his tablet “Sorry but I have no record of the donation.”

Bill feeling desperate “But you must.”

Saint Peter “Sorry Bill but 20 years ago I was running Windows 8 on my tablet, a terrible program, and it crashed and I did not back up and lost all my data”

Bill “Groan….”

Saint Peter “Take the elevator down to the basement level where Lucifer will be waiting to welcome you.”

Bill “Aaaaarghhh….”

Bill figures that in 20 years time his death and the donation arising from his will would be instantaneous with minimal chance of data loss. Besides, Saint Peter would probably be running Windows 17 a vast improvement on Windows 8 and he would certainly be backing his tablet up to the Cloud.

Bill Gates is one smart fellow.

Greg Beykirch
Finance Director