Friday, August 4, 2017

I Sincerely Regret my Action!

Construction is by its very nature a stressful line of work. Often there are astronomical amounts of money involved and mistakes are exceedingly costly. It is undoubtably a high stakes game and it goes without say that on construction sites around the world, tempers do flare up and things can get heated.

The classified ad as depicted above, appeared in a 2012 Singaporean newspaper and reads as follows:

"Apology Notice

I, Choo Chuan Haut (NRIC no. SXXX6750D0 hereby sincerely apologise to Mr Woo (NRIC No. SXXX7740A) for hitting him in the face on 2 March 2012 in the construction site at Nanyang Technology University Singapore and causing him hurt and pain.

I Sincerely regret my action. I undertake that any similar incident will not happen in future.  


Out of sheer curiosity, I would dearly love know the background to this as the article poses more questions than answers:
  • Who was he to the project, the client, the contractor, the principle agent, foreman?
  • Who did he hit and what was it that provoked him?
  • Are all Singaporeans so polite by nature, that they immediately regret any such actions and feel compelled go to the enth degree, to express their remorse.
  • Or, was he then in so much trouble that it was in his best interest to show remorse.
The mind boggles ….

Ernest Roper
Membership Services Manage